Push-n-Pull Paraders March (or Roll) in Glorious Weather

bedecked pnp 07-04-17

Photo by Alex Wang

Bedecked, bespoke, bipedal and on bikes

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Kids on bikes, in wagons, sometimes in strollers, in their parents arms or by their sides, bedecked in three particular colors, accompanied by veterans, police, firefighters, fire engines and about as many American flags as people, took over downtown Darien on July Fourth morning.

They marched from Goodwives Shopping Center up to the Post Road and over to West Avenue before pouring into Tilley Pond Park for the annual after-parade party, with music, food trucks and places to get temporary tattoos.

This thirteenth annual event was organized by Darien VFW Post 6933.

The skies stayed blue, the temperatures weren’t terribly hot in the sun and were pleasantly cool in the shade. Nature seemed perfect, and acrimonious national and state politics was kept in a straightjacket for just one day.

Take a look and see how cute these kids were. Before you know it, they’ll grow up and act like — no, no, let’s just enjoy the present:



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