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Beginner and intermediate chess players, join rated* chess instructors at New Canaan Library to learn everything you need to know to get started or to sharpen your skills. The teen instructors will introduce the rules of the game and help you think strategically.

an announcement from New Canaan Library

This is a special intergenerational session, open to everyone from 1st grade through adulthood! 

Kids will learn on one side of the room, while adults learn on the other. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to register to take this class at the same time as their kids, and adults without children in the class are also welcome to register.

* Laurel Aronian, Connecticut State 2022 Girls Champion

*Jack and Laurel Aronian, New York State 2021 Mixed Doubles Champions

If You’re Going …

You can register here.

Please register each participant, whether child or adult. Please note your level of experience when you register.

Accessibility and Accommodations

We strive to facilitate access to information and Library services for all patrons. If you have questions about accessibility or a request for accommodation, please phone 203-594-5002, email the librarian in charge of this program (see contact info above), or email with as much lead time as possible.

Youth Participation Guidelines

If your child is under 12 years old, an adult caregiver must remain in the Children’s Room for the duration of the program. If your child finishes a program early, or if a child becomes ill, distressed, or behaves in a manner that interferes with other participants’ enjoyment of the program, they may be released into the Children’s Room before the program’s end time. Please ensure that your child knows exactly where to find you at all times.

Photo by Mesh on Unsplash

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