Before Friday’s DHS Jr Prom, Thriving Youth Darien and Police Publicize Law and Risks of Underage Drinking

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With Darien’s Junior Prom on Friday and graduation right around the corner, Thriving Youth Darien and the Darien Police Department are reminding teens and their parents to do so responsibly and legally.

— an announcement from Thriving Youth Darien

Connecticut’s Social Host Law holds parents and property owners liable for underage drinking and/or cannabis use that occurs in their homes. A person convicted of violating this law may be fined up to $2,000 and receive up to one year in jail.

According to Thriving Youth Darien’s 2023 Youth Survey, 69% of high-school aged youth believed it would be sort of or very easy to access alcohol, and 53% report getting alcohol from an adult or parent with their permission.

‘Sticker Shock Campaign’ for Safety

To address these concerning findings, Youth representatives from Thriving Youth Darien, The Community Fund of Darien’s Youth Asset Team, and The Depot’s Students Against Destructive Decisions group and Volunteer Club are conducting a “sticker-shock campaign.”

The campaign includes posting signs and stickers with the reminder “If teens can’t buy it, don’t supply it” at participating local wine and liquor retailers.

Photo from Thriving Youth Darien

Stickers that Thriving Youth Darien teens put on beer boxed for sale at a local liquor store.

The stickers also direct residents to more information about the Social Host Law, along with free resources and tips for parents to talk to their kids about alcohol and other substances.

Sticker Shock campaign Thriving Youth Darien 2024

Photo from Thriving Youth Darien

A flyer publicizing the Sticker Shock campaign

Thriving Youth Darien and Darien Police  thank liquor stores Sipstirs, Frate’s Wines and Liquors, and Leary’s Liquor Cabinet for partnering in sharing this important message with our community.

The educational campaign will continue in May and June with social media posts highlighting Connecticut’s Social Host Law and findings related to underage drinking from the 2023 Darien Youth Survey. Follow @thrivingyouthdarien on Instagram and Facebook for posts and the latest updates about this important initiative.

“This campaign is a reminder that underage drinking is a community problem, not just a teen problem,” said Thriving Youth Director Sarah McCarty. “It also raises awareness about the harmful effects of alcohol on the still-developing teen brain that may have life-long impacts, including an increased risk for adult alcohol addiction and poor school performance.”

For More Information

For more information on the Social Host Law and substance use resources, you can visit this web page on the Community Fund of Darien website or follow @thrivingyouthdarien on Instagram or Facebook.

Thriving Youth Darien and Local Substance Abuse Information

Thriving Youth Darien is a volunteer coalition that brings together local community organizations to promote and empower positive youth development and mental health, with the goal of reducing teen substance use. The diverse group includes mental health, substance use and healthcare professionals as well as leaders from the schools, police, town government and clergy.

Photo from Thriving Youth Darien

From left:Thriving Youth Darien youth sector representatives Paulina Almy, Greta Kosnik, Katelyn Erdlen and Charlotte Volz; Thriving Youth Program Director Sarah McCarty

Thanks to its federal Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Grant, Thriving Youth Darien, in partnership with the Darien Public Schools, surveys Darien 6-12th grade students about their mental health and substance use patterns every two years and presents results to parents and the town.

The findings are also used to inform Thriving Youth Task Force members’ educational program planning. Thriving Youth Darien, which is convened by The Community Fund of Darien, was created in 2008 and meets every other month during the school year.

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