Rowena Scherer A Taste of the World

Author Rowena Scherer will be at Darien Library to talk about her debut cookbook, A Taste of the World — a collection of international recipes for adults and families alike, taking families around the world in 60 dishes.

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Did you know that every cuisine tells a story?

From the spicy curries of India to the rich pastas of Italy, every dish is a window into a culture’s soul.

Growing up in Malaysia, some of Rowena Scherer’s fondest memories were cooking with her family. The smell of spices, the sound of butter sizzling, and the joy of making and eating good food was something she treasured and wanted to give to her own family.


But as a mom working on Wall Street, life became too hectic for family meals. It wasn’t until she was on vacation taking a cooking class with her kids — seeing the joy on their faces but also watching as they struggled to cut an onion — that she knew something had to change.

So she created an experiential way to teach them cooking skills while giving them bite-sized lessons in world geography, history, and culture. Scherer then left Wall Street, went to culinary school, and created eat2explore, an online platform that transforms the cooking experience into an educational journey.

Her first cookbook celebrates cuisines from all over the world, with recipes that are easy to prepare, wholesome, and delicious.

If You’re Going …

The event runs from 10 to 11 a.m., Tuesday, May 21 in the Conference Room at Darien Library. You can register here.

Books will be available for purchase at the event, or you could buy one beforehand at Barrett Bookstore (please call 203-655-2712 to confirm before going to the bookstore).

About the Author

Rowena Scherer grew up in Malaysia and her fondest memories are from when she cooked in the kitchen with her family. Years later, after working on Wall Street and living all over the world, she decided she wanted to create the same lasting memories with her children.

She attended the French Culinary Institute, began to source hard-to-find non-perishable ingredients that highlighted her cherished foods, and started eat2explore, an explorer box filled with authentic recipes, activities, and collectibles that offers a worldwide cultural education through the exploration of food.

Rowena lives in New York City with her husband, Joshua, and their two children.  A Taste of the World is her first cookbook.

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