Adult Charged With Allowing Teens to Drink at a Party at Her Home, One Taken to a Hospital

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When police officers arrived at a Long Neck Point Road home to check on a report of a minor in some form of distress, they found a group of youths sitting near empty and full containers of alcohol, police said.

They charged an adult resident with allowing it. A minor was taken to a hospital.

Darien police gave this additional account of the matter, including accusations not proven in court:

When officers arrived at the home at 9:24 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 22, they saw the group of youths and the alcoholic beverages. Police spoke with Kara Bohnsack, an adult who lives at the house at 90 Long Neck Point Road. She said she hadn’t seen the teenagers drinking any alcohol.

Police concluded that, given the large number of containers of alcohol at the scene and the fact that one minor was transported to a hospital, she knew. They charged her with failure to halt possession of alcohol by a minor and gave her a misdemeanor summons.

Bohnsack is scheduled to appear Sept. 5 in state Superior Court in Stamford.

Police did not say how many underage youths were at the party or the health condition of the minor taken to the hospital.

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