Old Glory Doesn’t Have to Be Tattered Glory: Here’s Where to Turn in Damaged, Worn American Flags

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When American flags get damaged, they’re supposed to be retired — and when they’re ripped, faded, tattered, torn and otherwise unsightly, it’s time to dispose of them in a proper, respectful manner.

So state Rep. Terrie Wood, Darien VFW Post No. 6933 (at 205 Noroton Ave.), Darien Library and Darien Town Hall are sponsoring a collection of Old Glories that are too indisposed for display. You can drop them off any time between May 26 and June 14 at three locations around town.

Keep in mind that with patriotic holidays coming up — Memorial Day, Monday, May 29 and the Fourth of July five weeks later (not to mention Flag Day on June 14), you might want a finer flag flapping on your flagpole.

As Wood put it in a recent announcement, “Memorial Day [Monday, May 29] is fast approaching, and it’s time to make room for fresh, bright and new American flags to display this summer.”


Why not set up a year-round disposal box at Darien Recycling Center?

Terrie Wood announcement Flag replacement 05-16-17