Marianne Paterniti Book Groups Coordinator Darien Library

Darien Library Says Book Groups Coordinator Led Expansion of the Program to More Than 100 Groups

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For National Library Workers Day, Darien Library is giving recognition to a library employee in Darien — Book Groups Coordinator Marianne Paterniti, who’s been with the library for almost 40 years. Here’s Darien Library’s description:

Beginning in the Children’s Library, Paterniti soon joined the Adult Programming team where she would become instrumental in building the Library’s book groups program. The book groups program supports local book clubs in their search for the right book, offering recommendations, physical book copies, and special book group programs.

“The true delight of my time at Darien Library has been running our book groups for over 20 years now,” Paterniti said. Under her direction, the book groups program has grown from an idea to an institution, with over 100 registered book groups. You can learn more about the book group program here.