Undies Project Co-Founder, Under Ill Health, Decides to Retire

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Following a recent leave of absence due to ill health, Lucy Langley, co-executive director of The Undies Project, has decided this is the right time for her to retire.

— an announcement from The Undies Project

Langley co-founded The Undies Project in 2015 with Laura Delaflor. The mission of the group is to provide new underwear to men, women and children in need to improve their lives.

Initially started as a program at Neighbor to Neighbor, The Undies Project became a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2016 and rapidly grew from its grass roots origins.

The Undies Project now donates to over 50 organizations in the Tristate Area that serve those who are homeless, living in shelters or who are on a low income. To date, they have donated out almost 600,000 undergarments.

A longtime volunteer since moving to Greenwich in 2002, Langley has worked tirelessly over the last 9 years alongside her Co-Executive Director, Laura Delaflor, Board members and numerous dedicated volunteers.

Undies Project Lucy Langley

Photo from The Undies Project

Lucy Langley of The Undies Project (center) with Laura Delaflor and Debra Ponzek of Aux Delices.

She acknowledges that without this collective support The Undies Project would not be what it has become today.

Board chairman Joseph Hadley commented “Lucy’s presence as a founder and leader will be greatly missed. Her dedication to the mission of The Undies Project resulted in a strong foundation that we will continue to build upon inspired by her example. With gratitude and admiration, we wish her all the best in her retirement”.

Reflecting on Lucy’s retirement, Laura Delaflor expressed deep gratitude for the journey, and the achievement of The Undies Project. She stated, “It has been an incredible honor to work alongside Lucy making a positive impact on so many lives. The Undies Project will not be the same without Lucy but we remain committed to our mission and the future.

Langley is looking forward to getting back to health and to see what the next chapter in her life will bring.

You can visit The Undies Project website for more information.

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