The Mystery of the Sport Utility Vehicle in the Park at Night

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Sometime just before 11 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 5 the driver of a sport utility vehicle drove erratically onto the grassy areas of Tilley Pond Park, damaging the lawn and going over two tree stumps before leaving, Darien police said.

When police arrived, the SUV had already left. Somebody who saw the vehicle called police to tell them it was a Lexus SUV, and gave police a license plate number. But when police checked it out, the vehicle it was registered to didn’t match the description of the vehicle.

Police noted the damage to the lawn and took pictures of it.

Here are two other recent mysteries police announced on Tuesday that they are looking into:

Who’s that dog walker allegedly not controlling her little dogs?

Why did a man fall from the Darien Train Station platform onto the pavement below?


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