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Darien Library will help you get down and dirty — but in a good way — with three April events about gardening.

Join master gardener and educator, Mark Gostkiewics, as he explains the magic of no-till gardening and sustainable organic practices that will make gardening a joy for the whole family. 

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No-till gardening is a method where you don’t disrupt the soil structure by tilling, turning over, or breaking it up every year. This is important as soil structure is delicate and can be easily damaged. A rototiller can be used once to start a garden, but over time, tilling can lead to oxygen deprivation, nutrient loss, weed growth, and disruption of beneficial fungal networks in the soil.

Learn how to create beautiful, bountiful gardens using this method. You will discover a variety of easy and effective techniques, such as sheet mulching, hugelkultur beds, raised beds, and straw bale gardens. This method is a lot easier on your back, and you can grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruit and even mushrooms!

Make a healthy change for your backyard this spring!


About the Presenter

Mark Gostkiewics is the owner of Tri Gable Lea Farm in Colchester, Connecticut, which has been in the family for generations. In 2013, he started the farm’s first CSA, and since then has added classes on natural processes, organic and sustainable practices, homesteading and how to care for a plant from seed to plate. Mark is also a middle and high school math teacher and is certified in special education.

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