Window of BMW Smashed on Old Kings Hwy North — Thief Got Next to Nothing

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A window was smashed by a thief to get entry into a car parked in a lot off of Old Kings Highway North sometime in the late morning Sunday, Jan. 7.

The thief didn’t get anything of much value: six months of the victim’s pay stubs in the glove box and two empty bank bags on the back seat, according to Darien police.

Police gave this further account of what happened:

The victim parked his 0 BMW X6 at the Old Kings Highway Tennis Club at  Old Kings Hwy. North at about 10:30 a.m. When he returned to the car at 12 noon, he saw that the rear driver’s side window was smashed and the glove box was open.

The car was locked and was the only one known to have been broken into.