Police: Darien Man, 28, Sold Heroin from Leeds Lane Home

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Peter Samaha, 28, of 12 Leeds Lane in Darien was arrested Oct. 1 for selling drugs from his home for months, Darien police say.

Police gave this account (containing accusations not proven in court):

Information developed by the department’s Selective Enforcement Unit led police to believe Samaha had been selling heroin out of the home, on a road just off of the northern part of Hoyt Street, since last November.

Peter Samaha

Peter Samaha, 28, arrested Oct. 1, 2015 on drug selling and possession charges

Police had received anonymous complaints and police confirmed suspicious activity was going on, so they applied for a search warrant and were granted permission by prosecutors and a judge to search the home.

Police conducted the search at the end of August. The search turned up 21 pieces of folded wax paper (“wax folds”), each containing a brown, powdery residue which later tested positive as heroin.

Police also found 2.6 grams of marijuana and $2,000 in cash. Samaha wasn’t arrested on the night of the search, but police applied for an arrest warrant. The warrant was approved, and on Oct. 1, police told him it had been issued.

Samaha was charged with sale of narcotics, possession of narcotics, possession of less than half an hounce of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He turned himself in and was released on a promise to appear later in state Superior Court in Stamford.

A police investigation is continuing.