Man Passing Counterfeit $50 Bills Succeeds at Some Downtown Darien Businesses

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What are the odds that a man passing counterfeit $50 bills will succeed at a retail business in Darien? What are the odds that those store clerks who do reject the bills will immediately call police?

A report to police on Saturday worked like a real-life experiment giving an indication about what the answers to those questions might be, although police may not have found all the stores visited by the man and his counterfeit money. Continue Reading →

National Veterans Services Fund Becomes HonorBound Foundation and Changes Fundraising

Phil Kraft HonorBound Foundation National Veterans Services Fund 11-11-17
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Darien-based National Veterans Services Fund, a four-decade-old group that helps veterans, particularly those in emergencies, announced Saturday that it’s changing its name, its website and the way it raises money.

The HonorBound Foundation has the new website up, although the website for the group under its old name is also still on the WebContinue Reading →