How a Darien Man Was Scammed with a Variant of a Widespread Check Deposit Scheme

Check Check Fraud Check Scam 07-21-17
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A stranger approaches you about doing some job, either permanent or temporary. Before you start, they arrange to send you money to pay for some work-related expenses. You keep in touch by email or phone.

At some point not long afterward, they have you send part of that payment somewhere else. You do that. Then you find out the check they sent you bounced, you can’t find the stranger, and the money you sent elsewhere to pay for those expenses is now lost. Your loss. You’ve been scammed.

It’s happened before to people in Darien and elsewhere, and here’s the latest example, as described by Darien police, involving a Darien photographer who met a stranger in Greenwich: Continue Reading →

Darien Teens Take First ‘Youth Mental Health First Aid Training’ Course, To Be Offered Again

Community Fund of Darien Logo Facebook 07-19-17
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Many of us learn CPR for medical emergencies — but what about mental health emergencies?

On June 27 and 28, the Community Fund of Darien brought a “Youth Mental Health First Aid” training to local teenagers to equip them with skills to recognize and respond to the unique risks posed by a teenager’s mental health crisis. Continue Reading →