After Family Tragedies, GoFundMe Campaign Set Up for Poth Family

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The Poth family, formerly longtime Darien residents, has been going through two traumatic incidents, with the death of Christopher Poth earlier this month and an accident involving his daughter, Charlotte, late last year.

Now a GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help family members with medical expenses, funeral costs and basic everyday needs.

“Chris did not have life insurance, and the family is inheriting the debts he carried,” family friend Mary Manning wrote on the website. “I am asking all of those who know and love the Poths to help them get through this terrifying time in their lives.”

Christopher Poth’s obituary provided a link to the GoFundMe campaign, which was first posted on Wednesday, and as of early Sunday afternoon had raised less than $1,000 of its $65,000 goal.

Here’s the full statement on the GoFundMe Web page for the Poth fundraising effort:


I am writing on behalf of the Poth family. I have been a close friend of Charity and Chris for over 40 years. My heart is breaking for them and if I could trouble you to read the below, we would all greatly appreciate it.

Chris Poth 07-30-17

Photo from the Web page

Christopher Poth

A series of tragic events have struck the Poth family, leaving them reeling and struggling to pick up the pieces.

This was a family that never had much, but their hard work and dedication kept them afloat. They were living paycheck-to-paycheck, but they were surviving, nevertheless.

Five days before Christmas, Charlotte Poth was hit by a car while crossing the street between meetings. She suffered a moderate traumatic brain injury, damage to her vision, broken bones throughout her jaw, face and head, and a shredded left knee that she may never regain full use of.

Charlotte was an economic contributor to the household, working tirelessly to advocate for victims of sexual violence with The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education in Stamford.  She was on the fast track to changing the entire medical response system when she was hit.

The accident and the bills that accompanied it made difficult times even harder for the Poths.

Things recently came full circle for Charlotte in a devastating way when the very surgeons who saved her life sat her down and told her that her father was going to die.

On June 30, Christopher Poth went out to run errands and never came back. He fainted in the parking lot of a local CVS and cracked the back of his skull open. Being kept in the hospital for observation, Chris seemed to be doing OK. HOWEVER, the blood in his brain wouldn’t clot, so he underwent emergency brain surgery.

Shortly thereafter, Chris slipped into a coma due to high levels of pressure and swelling in the brain. The doctors did everything they could to reduce the swelling, but it never went down. Chris passed away on July 12, with his family by his side.

The Poth family is now facing insurmountable odds. They have no resources to pay for a funeral and burial of Chris; pay the medical expenses involved that are mounting and basic everyday needs. Chris did not have life insurance, and the family is inheriting the debts he carried.

I am asking all of those who know and love the Poths to help them get through this terrifying time in their lives. Please consider making a donation today. You can do so either in your name, or anonymously. They will be eternally grateful for your kindness and support.

There was never a more loyal and kind friend than Chris Poth and he will be greatly missed by the many who knew and loved him.

With gratitude,

Mary Manning

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To contribute, visit the GoFundMe website.