Edgerton St Home Goes for $2.24 Million & Other Darien Home Sales

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These properties recently were sold in Darien, according to records in the Town Clerk’s Office:

51 Edgerton St. Darien 06-15-17

AFTER: 51 Edgerton St., Darien (see “BEFORE” picture, below)


  • 54 Kensett Lane — CL Darien Partners LLC, CDV III Cedar LLC and Buckson Darien Partners LLC, all c/o Clarion Partners, 230 Park Ave., New York City to Tracie Wilson, sold June 6, filed June 9, $1,495,000
  • 51 Edgerton St. — 51 Edgerton LLC of 1200 High Ridge Road, Stamford to Andrew Pecka and Stephanie Davis, sold June 1, filed June 9, $2,245,000 — PICTURED (above and below)
  • 35 Old Parish Road — 35 Old Parish LLC of 3 Four Acres Road, Darien to Jennifer Morgan and William Ward, sold June 7, filed June 12, $2,950,000
  • 123 Middlesex Road — John Blair IV and Jacqueline Blair to Harrison Hunter, sold May 5, filed June 12, $1,010,000
  • 84 Camp Ave. — Jenifer Parker and Charles Parker to Andriy Kurylov, sold June 1, filed June 13, $1,100,000
51 Edgerton

BEFORE: Here’s what 51 Edgerton St. looked like in February 2016, when it was sold by an estate to 51 Edgerton LLC of Stamford, for $550,000. The house had open windows, and (we hope) no one was living there. The picture at the top of this article shows the result of the teardown and rebuilding.


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