Darien Town Government, Nonprofit Group to Study Goodwives River Water Quality

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The Advisory Commission on Coastal Waters of the Town of Darien announced a water quality study in Goodwives River. Scheduled to begin August 2016, the study is being conducted for Darien by Harbor Watch, a program of Earthplace in Westport and is expected to be completed in the coming year.

Earthplace logo from Facebook 8-26-16The study will examine bacteria levels along the Goodwives River. Harbor Watch will conduct testing from storm water manholes and outfalls.


— an announcement from Darien town government


During the study, Darien residents may see Harbor Watch employees wearing yellow safety vests conducting testing on roads in the area of the Goodwives River.

“We want to ensure that our waterways are clean for the benefit of all our citizens,” said Flip Huffard, Chair of the Advisory Commission on Coastal Waters.

“Darien joins many other coastal towns in Fairfield County in working closely with Harbor Watch to examine water quality in local rivers. We look forward to building this partnership and improving the health of our waterways.” said Dr. Sarah Crosby, Director of Harbor Watch.

About the Darien Advisory Commission on Coastal Waters

The Town of Darien has an advisory commission that considers matters of importance in our coastal waterways, and provides advice to the Board of Selectmen. Issues reviewed by the advisory commission include water quality, shell fishing, dredging, and harbors, along with other coastal related topics.

About Harbor Watch

Harbor Watch is the water quality research program of Earthplace, Inc., a nonprofit based in Westport. Harbor Watch runs a state-certified laboratory and has been studying water quality for 30 years.

Harbor Watch is working in 12 rivers in 14 Fairfield County towns in the year 2016 alone. The mission of Harbor Watch is to provide the people of Connecticut with the data, knowledge, and field expertise necessary to safeguard our waterways, educate our communities about watershed issues, and train volunteers and student interns through hands-on research.

Harbor Watch accomplishes this goal through (1) water quality monitoring and research, (2) high school and college student internship programs, (3) a public outreach and volunteer program, and (4) partnering with local municipalities to restore degraded ecosystems.