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Group Launches Campaign to Counter Darien’s ‘Troubling Rate of Teenage Binge Drinking’

Thriving Youth Initiative Community Fund of Darien toilet 02-02-17
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What does 06820 mean to you? In Darien we value education, celebrate our successes, and are compassionate in times of need. We look out for our neighbors. But there’s a critical way we’re falling short: 06820 is also a place with a troubling rate of teenage binge drinking. (more…) Continue Reading →

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DRINKING IN DARIEN: Worse than Elsewhere for Both Teens and Adults — and the Problem is Growing

Carrie Bernier 01-30-17
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Darien teens drink more than their peers in similar towns, across Fairfield County, across Connecticut and across the United States. Their parents are drinking more than adults in other places, too. And drinking has become more prevalent among middle school and high school kids between 2011 to 2014, especially among high school juniors and seniors. Those are the results of surveys taken for or cited by the Thriving Youth Task Force, a coalition of Darien youth-related groups and professionals in the substance abuse and mental health fields serving Darienites. Later this week, the task force is expected to announce a campaign to turn that around in town. Continue Reading →

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Two New Videos Show Off Darien as Part of the Fundraising Push for Stadium Lights

Hype video DAF Blue Wave Superfans thumbnail 01-29-17
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Here are two videos recently promoted by the Darien Athletic Foundation as part of its campaign to raise $750,000 to get permanent lights installed this spring for Darien High School sports games. (more…) Continue Reading →

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‘Darien — How Healthy Are We?’ Presentation, Part 3: Stress, Chronic Illness & Coping

Community Fund Darien How Healthy Are We 01-26-17
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What is the fastest growing threat to the health of Darien residents? How does the health of Darien residents compare with that of the US, or Connecticut? (more…) Continue Reading →

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Olive Hauser: Retiring as Darien Social Services Director, Helped Build Nonprofits in Town

Olive Hauser Director of Human Services
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Olive Hauser, Darien’s social services director, retiring on April 3 after 26 years with the town, hasn’t just administered a town department — she’s also been a volunteer with and board member for a number of social service nonprofit groups in town.  (more…) Continue Reading →

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Too Many Holiday Donations for Person-to-Person to Handle for Now

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How’s this for a problem a charity is fortunate to have? Person-to-Person received so many clothing donations, household items, toys and other items this past holiday season that it’s holding off on accepting any more for now, the 48-year-old organization announced. (more…) Continue Reading →

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