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Best Eclipse-Watching Spot in Town: Darien Library — Borrow Their Sunglasses, See it on Screen

solar eclipse in 1999 08-19-17
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The solar eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21 is a rare event. Here in Darien, we’ll see about a 70 percent partial eclipse. To celebrate, Darien Library is offering sunglasses made for safe eclipse watching on a first-come, first-served basis for 30 lucky people starting at 1 p.m., Monday. We will also show a livestream of the eclipse indoors. Continue Reading →

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UPDATE: Police: Two Burglars Caught After Darien Homeowner Snaps Pic of Their Van and License Plate

Mug shot Marlo Aguirre
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A resourceful homeowner who heard suspicious noises, saw a man looking into her house and a van parked in the driveway, snapped a picture of the license plate, which led to the arrest of two men — who had loot from a previous burglary in the van, police said. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Three Darien Eateries Receive Worst Grade in Latest Darien Health Inspection Reports

Health food 01-13-17
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Three Darien food-serving establishments received the lowest rating (“C”) — including one that received two “C” grades and was threatened with being shut down if it didn’t clean up some parts of its act in 24 and 48 hours — in the latest town food inspection reports released by Darien Health Department. One other establishment received a middling grade of “B” and four others each got the highest rating (“A”). (more…) Continue Reading →

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AAA Gives Kudos to Darien’s Espresso Neat, One of 10 ‘Best of’ Restaurants for the Money in Western CT

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Espresso Neat in Darien is one of 10 food-serving establishments in western Connecticut named by the American Automobile Association as one of the top establishments in its rating category, the AAA announced on Tuesday. (more…) Continue Reading →

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