52 Darien Student Composers Perform Their Original Works at DHS Concert

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The 17th annual Darien Young Composers Concert held at Darien High School this month featured the original musical compositions of 52 talented young composers from the Darien Public Schools.

DPS News of the Week newsletter 04-25-17

The young composers, ranging in age from first grade through Grade 12, had an opportunity to meet and ask questions of internationally recognized guest composer Tom Salta. Salta is an award winning composer of music for video games. The students also received comments from Salta on each of their compositions.

“This year’s group of talented Young Composers performed an amazing range of musical styles and expressed their thoughts and ideas through music,” said Director of Music Richard Sadlon. “We are always impressed by their creativity and extremely proud of their musical accomplishments.”

This year’s featured young composers were:

Grade 1: Alexander Gray, William Gray.

Grade 2: Charlotte Cowles, Nicky Orr, Ried Bolger and Ryan Baiera, James Moody.

Grade 3: David Lui, Madeline Argirou, Lily Davenport, Zachary Guo, Miller Ward.

Grade 4: Paloma Dudas, Anoushka Mucchal, Phoebe Bryan, Charlie Bower, Anna Ventker, Brooke Cippoletti, Sophie Bell.

Grade 5: Shea Ward, Katie Kowslow, Janie FitzPatrick, Vaughan Silcox, Ella Harvey, Blake Wilks, Sadie Stafford, Brinley Vrooman, Clara Wilber, Victoria Stockdale, Brianna Cintron, Polina Melnick, Julianne Bauer, Emma Belluscio, Iris West, Brooke Tarleton, Ashley Clark, Julia Decsi, Reese Wilson, Lila Debano, Ashley Stockdale.

Grade 6: Anya Napoli.

Grade 7: Nicholas Condon, Scott Dansker, Ellie Mueller.

Grade 8: Nicholas Liu.

Grade 9: Aria Muchhal.

Grade 10:  Evelyn Sload.

Grade 11: Julia Tong, Sara Baldwin Caroline Lui.

Grade 12: Katie Cunningham and Jimmy Conroy.


— Marc Marin is district director of instructional technology. This article is republished from the Darien Public Schools News of the Week newsletter.